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December 21, 2021 - Comments Off on Happy holidays from us!

Happy holidays from us!

As 2014 comes to a close, the Thicket team is off to spend the holidays with family and friends and celebrate our progress this year. A quick recap of 2014:

January: Thicket launches with a feature in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
February: Team recruitment begins.
March: Thicket incorporates as an LLC.
April: We work with our first client, Foundation Rwanda.
May: Development on the Possibility Engine begins.
June: Thicket's team starts working together at our new office in Brooklyn.
July: We design our first system model for the Aspen Institute's Big Data seminar.
August: We facilitate our first workshop for Chinatown Youth Initiatives.
September: We start working with our first business model design client, Sourcewater.
October: We relaunch our website.
November: Our collaboration with Chinatown Youth Initiatives is featured in Fast Company.
December: We release our first video explaining the science behind the Possibility Engine.

That's right, our first year ends with the official release of a beautiful new video introducing fuzzy cognitive mapping, the methodology underlying the Possibility Engine. Fuzzy cognitive mapping is a powerful new way to transform people's values, opinions, priorities, and perspectives into decision modeling tools. Watch the new video to learn more.

"Our human connections with others are an extension of the way our brain interacts with the world."

Network theory, #

"There’s no getting away from it, creating health means trying to create change in a complex environment; embrace complexity, embrace the idea of emergence, focus less on things like causality and attribution and more on shared contribution, learn to devise projects and programmes within these parameters."

Creating Health: The Emerging Principles, #