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Discovering Identity through Exploration

Insight Capture

Engagement Strategy

Shared Measurement

Dashboard Implementation


Ongoing insight capture tool

Collective learning dashboard

How does a healthcare innovation network share learnings and coordinate efforts across a region?

Based out of the University of Toronto, the BRIDGES Collaborative supports a portfolio of healthcare innovation programs working to improve healthcare outcomes for medically complex patients. Programs in the collaborative draw on similar strategies, resources and patients for a common cause, but have little time or opportunity to share their learnings along the way. 

“Helpful and clearly presented.”

- BRIDGES Collaborative member

“Tells me who I should be talking to in the network.”

- BRIDGES Collaborative member

Thicket designed a dashboard for programs to efficiently share insights about their programs as they evolve over time, surface network-wide trends, and identify opportunities for deeper knowledge sharing. The dashboard aids collaborative programs to connect with each other more effectively, provides the BRIDGES team with system-level insights, and supports more informed funding decisions over time. 

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