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• “Cracking the Black Box of Human Reasoning.”
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Deepthi Welaratna

Founder & CEO

Deepthi Welaratna leads the team at Thicket Labs. For the last 15 years, she's helped launch products, movements and ventures at the intersection of research, media, design, politics, and technology. 

As a consultant providing advising on interactions between markets, policy, and communities, Deepthi has worked with a wide range of clients including Google, the Rockefeller Foundation, Godiva, the Institute of Development Studies, and the British Museum. As a researcher, Deepthi has helped design and launch research products and has written about technology, globalization, and complexity. As an entrepreneur, Deepthi has helped launch a privately funded design thinking consultancy and a venture-backed restaurant technology startup.   

Deepthi founded Thicket to develop better tools for collaborative problem solving in complex environments.

She received her MA in Media Studies from The New School.



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