Stronger learning
through shared insight

Our data-driven workshops bring people together to build shared knowledge and practices while creating long-term value. Teams leave Thicket Labs with strengthened collaboration and the tools to measure and maintain it.

What We Deliver

We create the space. You bring the team. Together, we set a vision, build relationships, and design strategies and solutions. All of our workshops result in: 

Vision alignment — Participants integrate priorities and perspectives to establish a shared strategic vision.

Knowledge transfer — Participants jumpstart knowledge transfer to guide research and discovery.

Strategic outcomes — Participants find optimal strategies and identify gaps for further exploration.

What We Capture

We analyze workshop outputs using the Possibility Engine, our collaborative intelligence platform to extract practical insights and strategic recommendations.

Network mapping — Documents relational insights from workshop participants.

Influence analysis — Identifies hidden influential factors.

Perspective Analysis — Identifies gaps in alignment and expectations.

Strategic roadmaps — Set planning timelines, milestones, and focus areas for future planning sessions.

What We Measure

Our workshops are evaluated during each phase of planning, experience, and follow up to maximize outcomes and impact. 

Before the workshop — Gauge initial expectations and set priorities for the session.

During the workshop — Gather assessments on every activity to fine-tune the live experience.

After the workshop — Measure participant response to identify gaps in alignment and expectations.

We conducted a data-driven workshop
with young community leaders in NYC's Chinatown.

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