Thrive in complexity.


Thicket is a data-driven design lab that helps build the collaborative intelligence of cities, companies, and teams.

As the pace of growth has accelerated, so has the scope and scale of our challenges. Thicket helps people build their capacity to manage complexity. Our technology, services, and workshops help teams combine ideas and guide shared decision making towards long-term resilience and impact.


Professional Services

Since 2014, Thicket has supported teams and organizations to design and implement research, community engagement, strategic planning, and impact evaluation programs.

Workshops and Trainings

Our in-room and tech-enabled workshops give teams the skills to craft a common vision, set clear objectives, and design solutions to deliver measurable impact over time.

Our Technology

Our data sharing tools and visualizations make teams smarter, faster and more resilient.

Our Clients

We work with leading organizations to deliver breakthrough innovation and impact. 

A new way to quantitatively measure the beneficial effects of community building.
— Jess Leber, Fast Company

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