Audience and community research solutions


Analytics, insights, and forecasts to lead in the digital world.

In an age of fragmented interests, channels, and habits, investing in untested ideas is a risky venture. For companies needing to reach, engage, and convert audiences with new content and products, Thicket tests strategic and creative alternatives against audience demand to validate fit and identify new market opportunities.  

Since 2014, Thicket Labs has created research programs and software tools for our clients to help them discover, test, and select ideas and solutions to invest in for the long-term. Specifically, we help them to: 

  • Profile and segment audiences to develop innovative goal-based strategies.

  • Learn behavioral insights to align engagement, marketing, and programming activities with desired outcomes.

  • Develop measurement solutions to evaluate short-term results and forecast long-term impact.

  • Validate and communicate strategic and creative decisions to investors, funders, and partners.


Our Solutions

Thicket collects data to build audience profiles, measure impact, and support long-term planning and investment decisions. Our audience research solutions are powered by Thicket's proprietary gamified learning platform and algorithmic insights. 

01. Audience Profiles

Profile and segment your audience members through rich psychographic and demographic insights.

02. Behavioral Insights

Understand the impact of your content on audience interests, attitudes, behaviors, and choices.

03. Long-Term Forecasts

Forecast your long-term impact under different scenarios to support strategic investments being made today.

04. Strategy Dashboards

Unlock opportunities
normally hidden behind complex trends by testing strategy against audience datasets.


"Girls who have seen Hyperlinked are 11% more likely to be interested in computer science careers."

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