Research Partnership with Lakehead University

Lakehead University in Thunder Bay in Ontario

Lakehead University in Thunder Bay in Ontario

Since January of this year, Thicket Labs has been assisted by Lakehead University students thanks to our CTO Dr. Vijay Mago's relationship with Lakehead University where he teaches and conducts research in areas including big data, health informatics and complex social systems. 

Our team has benefitted from working with graduate students working at the forefront of computational research and data science. Through our collaboration, we've also found new permanent hires who have made significant contributions to our codebase.

To date, we've worked with three students: 

  • Patrick Joanis, a graduate student whose work with us focused on developing graph similarity and community detection algorithms for social network analysis.
  • Manpreet Singh, a graduate student who developed Java code to link front-end interfaces to MySQL databases and Thicket's APIs on several client-facing products.
  • Erik Tillberg, an undergaduate student who worked on optimizing a significant portion of our APIs after considerable study. We're pleased to have Erik continuing to work with us this Fall and Winter. 

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Lakehead University as the new semester kicks off!