Bringing Collaboration into the 21st Century

At Thicket, we amplify people’s ability to think and work together through technology. We marry design thinking with the analytic power of data science to power community-driven decision making. By visualizing situations from a variety of perspectives in clear and simple terms, Thicket boosts the power of groups to understand problems and predict outcomes in complex environments.

We know that impactful collaborations can’t happen by technological magic alone. There is still a specialist shaping the outcomes of the collaborative process and the resulting solution or plan. For the majority of the 20th century, it was management consultants helping companies to reorganize and restructure to keep up with opportunities for growth. In the old model, the consultant would swoop in, take in loads of data, and hold and digest tons of conversations. Through the power of a small team of well-trained brains and a few cookie-cutter frameworks for analysis, they would produce a single document to announce a company’s new strategic direction.

All of that has gone by the wayside. The 21st century has demanded more speed and scale of collaboration, more depth of knowledge and breadth of input from an increasing variety of stakeholders, and more transparency into how and why decisions are made. Many consultants struggle to keep up with the innovation cycle. The cycle of problem definition, stakeholder buy-in, rapid prototyping, and traction & scale must be completed within a certain timeframe or results are obsolete before they even go to market. Thicket speeds the development cycle for  dramatic efficiencies on both cost and time.

The old consulting model isn’t suited to today’s complex problem solving needs, but some firms break the mold by embracing all of the maddening potential and possibilities of complexity. They ask the right questions to identify root causes, key drivers and dependencies, and honest indicators of impact. We’ve seen how consultants embracing complexity can generate true breakthrough solutions that are firmly grounded in the design principles of inclusion and impact.

And so, it is with great pleasure that we announce our first partnership in the consulting space. Zago is a strategy and design studio with a 20-year legacy of helping social change organizations create social impact. The Zago team embodies 21st-century talents and principles in how they help clients build the capacity to be smarter, faster and more resilient. Thicket will be partnering with Zago to deliver tech-enabled decision-making and collaborative convenings to their clients.

We believe that Thicket is at its most powerful when grappling with all of the complexity of messy human collaborations. This is why we’re excited that Zago will be providing their clients with more powerful and efficient tools for them to explore their ideas, to analyze their possible outcomes and consequences, and to help them create lasting social impact today and in the years ahead.