Rebuild Together: Let’s Treat Hate Like the Public Health Emergency It Is


Rebuild Together

by Thicket Labs

Forward progress is driven by collaboration and inclusion. But this is not where our world is heading right now, and technology has played a significant role in amplifying already existing trends towards social fragmentation and breakdown of community. Thicket believes that technology can and should be a tool to help people learn about themselves and their world, leading to stronger, more resilient communities. 

We’ve distilled all of our learnings over the past three years to create Rebuild Together, a powerful new community building program based on public health principles and designed to respond to the recent upswing in hate and violence in communities across the US and around the world. The public health field has long known that hate is a socially contagious disease that results in outbreaks of violence. Social research has confirmed that attitudes, beliefs and behaviors can spread through populations as social contagions, and simple exposure can be a sufficient condition for social transmission to occur. 

Through Rebuild Together, Thicket has combined our workshops, digital learning tools, and collaborative problem solving platform into a powerful digital and grassroots organizing package. The comprehensive program engages communities over the course of seven months to explore their vulnerabilities to hate and violence, build public health-based solutions, and spread positive tools and messages to community members to jumpstart the healing process. All of this is backed by Thicket’s collaborative intelligence platform, which uses social network and predictive analytics to track the spread of social contagions like beliefs and behaviors through networks of people. 

Partners who are interested in bringing Rebuild Together to their community should reach out for more information. You can also read more in our program synopsis, full program description, and partnership opportunities

Through Rebuild Together, we believe a resilient world in which we are stronger together is possible. We hope you’ll join us in making it happen.