A Workshop With a Twist!

When we sat down with our partner Zago to design a new way to help you solve problems, we weren’t sure what was in store. Zago has their eye on creative, innovative collaboration and we have ours on creative, innovative and impactful ways to collect and leverage data.  Along with our shared natural knack for helping teams problem solve, we’ve developed a program that helps teams with limited time and resources find alignment and innovate fast. We wanted to develop something strongly based in design principles that could deliver unexpected results. The key words here are consensus, speed, proof of concept, and action plan. Oh - and don’t forget Tech-Enabled!

Allow us to present to you The Data Design Sprint: A tech-enabled workshop that will get teams off to a powerful start in just a day. Too many teams spend weeks and sometimes months talking about plans but never getting aligned or organized enough to put them into action. Time passes and they are still discussing the same ideas in their meetings. Zago and Thicket have joined forces for a program that will extract the best from the team, catalyze the creative genius in the room, and whip them into action. 

We challenge you to learn more about it here: https://www.datadesignsprint.com.