Redlining Quiz


How much do you know about structural inequality? Take the quiz and find out!

We designed this quiz for the first of four panel discussions, "A Series of Uncomfortable Conversations: Breaking the Myth of Meritocracy." The panel, hosted by Little Giant Creative, Next City and WHYY, explores how historic and contemporary injustices play out in the nation’s poorest large city and one of its most segregated, with rates of poverty concentrated in majority non-white areas. 

The panel series launches a new initiative funded by the Knight Foundation and created by Little Giant Creative called "A Dream Deferred." The project uses art and technology to provide a contemporary, comprehensive and accessible narrative about the legacy of historic systemic racist policies and their continued reverberations.

An interactive exhibit will be available starting in September 2018 and sunset in November 2018. It will feature diverse touchpoints, including interactive screens with digital maps and timeline, art installation, a short documentary and a private confessional booth to capture personal stories and feelings evoked.