Learning Dashboard


Spring 2015

The University of Toronto asked Thicket for a rapid feedback learning solution.

12 Weeks

We delivered a dashboard with real-time insight for 35 programs & their coaches.


Scalable rapid analysis & visual reporting for a range of stakeholders.

Based out of the University of Toronto, the BRIDGES Collaborative is a publicly funded healthcare incubator for Ontario which supports a portfolio of 35 publicly-funded programs focused on delivering healthcare innovation. Tasked by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and the Ontario Medical Association to support the cohort with research, coaching, and evaluation, the BRIDGES team needed a digital solution to help them speed up the learning cycle.

Programs in the BRIDGES Collaborative are all working on the same problem: how to improve outcomes for medically complex patients. The programs draw on similar strategies, resources and patients for a common cause, but have little time or opportunity to share their learnings along the way. The BRIDGES team selected Thicket to build a solution to enable responsive learning throughout the network.

Thicket designed a collaborative leaning dashboard for the BRIDGES programs to efficiently share insights about their programs as they evolve over time, surface network-wide trends, and identify opportunities for deeper knowledge sharing. The dashboard aids collaborative programs to connect with each other more effectively, provides the BRIDGES team with system-level insights, and supports more informed funding decisions over time.

The dashboard includes a survey, visual insights, and monthly reporting to measure results from the Collaborative over time. The BRIDGES team used the dashboard to replace a lengthy report produced over six months of work by a full-time researcher. An 11-question survey replaced hundreds of hours of coordination, conversations, and analysis. The survey is updated monthly with real-time visual insights, compared to a six-month production cycle for a much less accessible report. 

The BRIDGES team used the dashboard with Collaborative members to gain insights about the portfolio and with the Ministry of Health in Ontario to report back on progress and performance. In the end, Thicket Labs delivered a holistic solution that saved time and money while propelling innovation inside and outside the network.


"Tells me who I should be talking to in the network."

- BRIDGES Collaborative Member

Deepthi Welaratna