Policy Summit


A woman’s income and wealth are directly tied to her health. Consequently, wealthy women have better health outcomes than women with little or no assets. As part of our mission to advance health equity by addressing inequities across the social determinants of health, Allies for Reaching Community Health Equity (ARCHE), a project of the Center for Global Policy Solutions (CGPS) hosted the Women’s Wealth & Health Equity Summit from July 17-19, 2017.

The event used an intersectional framework to examine the consequences of these inequities, placing a particular focus on women of color and other disadvantaged groups. The summit sought to build a shared language, framework and policy agenda to address women’s pay and wealth inequities through a health equity lens.

Thicket Labs worked closely with the teams at the Center for Global Policy Solutions and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to produce the final Health Equity Design (HED) Lab Strategy Session at the Summit. We brought four dozen thought leaders and community stakeholders together over two days to develop a series of recommendations to address women’s pay and wealth inequities through a health equity lens. Working groups used new policy and systems mapping tools from Thicket Labs to analyze the policy landscape. 

The recommendations included the following key elements:

  • Expand Access to Jobs and Higher Wages
  • Increase Wealth and Asset Building Infrastructure
  • Protect and Expand Public Programs and Funding for Health and Education
  • Invest in Informed, Engaged, and Empowered Communities
  • Support Inclusive and Systems-Focused Research and Data Initiatives

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Deepthi Welaratna