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While the experience of real world factors is deeply personal, there is a common arc to the transition from school to career. TechTank connects young technologists from underserved backgrounds to tech industry mentors who can provide targeted support at different stages in their journey. Through pattern recognition and talent matching algorithms, TechTank filters the network to find and recommend promising mentor matches.


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TechTank fellows from The Knowledge House

TechTank fellows from The Knowledge House

Created through a Talent Training Program

A joint program of Thicket Labs & The Knowledge House, the TechTank mentorship solution was developed through a six-month design fellowship and entrepreneurial training program. Technology students from the Bronx gained experience in strategic planning, problem solving, design and management, and working in teams while helping develop and test the program and product.

TechTank Summer Social June 2016 at ThoughtWorks NYC

TechTank Summer Social June 2016 at ThoughtWorks NYC

TechTank supports four professional pathways

  1. Develop full-time job opportunities and pursue job opportunities. 

  2. Develop their own startup concept and business model and pursue funding opportunities. 

  3. Develop their own freelance business and operating model and pursue business opportunities. 

  4. Practice their teaching skills, develop paid teaching opportunities and pursue job opportunities.

Deepthi Welaratna