Now is the Time to Take Action

Since election day, we know that: 

  • Social fragmentation is a clear and present danger to ourselves and our communities. Hate crimes have risen by 6% since election day, more than post-9/11. 
  • People who are sick and dying are desperate for change. Public health outcomes, including decreased life expectancy and increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes, heavy drinking, and lack of physical activity, is one of the core voting blocs that brought Trump to power. 
  • People are mobilizing to take action. There are thousands of groups organizing every day since the election, mobilizing to fight hate, protect communities, share resources, and take local action

The Thicket team is ready and willing to help. We’re launching Rebuild Together to help us connect with people who want to take action. 

Go to and share your commitment to local action. By sharing your action, you’ll also help us gather useful data on what people are doing on the ground in different communities. We’ll be releasing this data publicly to help people, organizations, and networks identify issues and actions that are most relevant to their communities and help them plan and rebuild. 

Here’s how we’ll use any data that you share with us through this website:

  • We will create a shareable commitment that includes your name that will be publicly displayed on the website and that you can post to social media channels. 

  • We will summarize and report on data publicly in aggregate for communities to learn what issues and actions are emerging as high priorities. 

  • If you join the campaign by sharing your email address, our team will send you updates about the campaign and future opportunities to take action on the issues you care about. 

  • In January, we will offer campaign subscribers a free account on the Possibility Engine, our social networking platform that helps people take action together. 

Please share your action with us at and help us gather this important data.