Creative Futures is a technology-driven workshop and networking event series by Thicket Labs to exercise creativity and push innovation in our lives, communities, and ventures. 

Technology helps us to cast our nets wider and connect at an increasing rate, but how do we leverage those connections? How do we create the most value? We use the wisdom of individual human experiences to shed light on the problems of an organization, community, or team. We believe that by using human intelligence combined with technology we can offer the deepest insights to help teams perform at their highest potential. 

Creative Futures workshops are diverse, dynamic, human centered and tech enabled. From trend mapping to collaborative storytelling to connecting communities for long-term impact, we enable people to identify new futures and opportunities for transformation. You'll find Creative Futures workshops offered in and around New York City. To bring Creative Futures workshops to your city, get in touch


In The Creative Futures Series

Forecast the Future
What does the future hold for your industry, organization, or team?

How can a company, a sector, or a city focused on innovation tap the predictive power of their community to steer them in the right direction? There is an abundance of untapped intuition informing every industry, organisation and individual. Forecast the Future is an innovative tech-enabled workshop to map trends and gain insight into where we’re heading in the 21st century. In this workshop, you will be led through an experiential collaborative intelligence journey to explore industry trends impacting your organisation. You’ll have the chance to use Thicket’s predictive modeling tools to work with your fellow participants to explore the possibilities and forecast the future.


Rebuild Together
A new world for us by us. One hour is all it takes!

What if a group of strangers could come together in a room for two hours and leave as teams with specific goals and an actionable project that can have a positive impact on their communities? What if they could stay connected to easily share progress and exchange resources for continued collaboration and significant impact? What if these teams could grow organically and connect with other communities for long-term resilience?

We created Rebuild Together to rebuild our local communities by empowering citizens to redesign their local community services and infrastructure to better serve their needs. Community members decide what a healthy thriving community means to them and access a wealth of community resources and talents that are not visible on a day-to-day basis. By forming teams and connecting our daily practices to community wellbeing, we can improve our communities, relationships, and unlock the power of our shared knowledge. 

Matching mentors and mentees for long term impact

How can a company, organization or professional in their field expand their talent pool and have long term effects on diverse communities? There is an abundance of untapped talent in the tech industry yet companies continue to go to the same sources for “new talent.” TechTank is an opportunity for students and aspiring young professionals to meet industry-based professionals and form meaningful mentoring relationships. This event series creates opportunities for internship and job seekers to connect with industry professionals who want to have social impact through a mentoring connection that also supports real change in the tech industry.

Diversity informs and enhances tech and tech development at every level. This workshop creates a space for organizations and companies looking to diversify their workforce to have access to the hidden talents in marginalized communities. Students and new graduates who may not have access to the usual pipelines will have a chance to learn and receive guidance from socially conscious industry professionals while sharing their talent and unique perspective in the tech industry. TechTank uses Thicket's data-driven matching process to pair mentors and mentees, helping participants connect based on a combination of professional interest and deeper more nuanced interests that increase the possibility for long-term connection and empathy.


Custom Workshops

We use a blend of in-room and online activities  to help small and large teams connect their goals to real world activities to create shared strategic plans. Participants have the opportunity to collaboratively brainstorm on a chosen goal or challenge. Our workshops are made-to-measure and tailored to each organization's specific needs. Whether you are a team of 5 or  50 we can design an engaging workshop experience to help you reach your goals.

Workshops can range from 90 minutes to week-long packages, and the number of participants can vary. Pricing is adjustable according to your needs.

Sample Pricing for 1-Day Workshop for 15 participants

  • In-room only: $7,500
  • Tech-enabled: $12,500


Client Snapshot

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Challenge: A chronic disease prevention initiative includes several programs and hundreds of partners. How can the department encourage meaningful collaboration across all relevant programs and partners?

What we did: We taught department staff to build a stakeholder map for their entire initiative and helped them identify gaps between the program and its partners. Then, staff learned how to apply their insights to a framework for rethinking collaboration and strategy.

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