Thicket Labs is currently inviting organizations to join our pilot program for early subscribers. 

Gain early access to advanced data mapping and modeling tools within a flexible collaboration platform that can accommodate anywhere from small teams of five collaborators or less, all the way up to thousands of collaborators spanning the globe.

Thicket helps people gather and share data in the natural course of collaboration. Our web-based platform gives large and small groups ways to connect and take action together while providing ongoing feedback and measurement on performance and impact goals. Teams who use Thicket gain the insight they need to manage themselves more effectively. 

Pilot Program participants enjoy six months subscription to Thicket at steeply discounted pricing.  

Interested in the Pilot Program? Talk to us.

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Network Type *
Do any of the following describe your network? (It doesn't have to fit into one of these structures to qualify.)
Network Size *
How large is your collaboration network? Please include existing or potential collaborators for your organization or with each other.
Network Goals *
What goals do you have for your network over the next 6-12 months?

Thicket helps teams innovate at pace:

  • Use network mapping to visualize a community of collaborators

  • Track team collaborations and resource sharing within the network.

  • Give network members tailored recommendations to maximize engagement.

  • Identify influencers within your network and give them special tools.

  • Track real-time performance and impact data for the entire network.


You are a good candidate if you meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • You need to share knowledge, practices, tools, and resources among a team of collaborators. 

  • You are working at the edge of innovation in a problem space that is not well established. 

  • You are working with multiple partners to establish shared goals and decisions. 

  • You are seeking to build shared knowledge through stakeholder mapping, systems mapping, or asset mapping.