Thicket helps teams become data-driven through technology and training. 

Since 2014, Thicket has helped teams and organizations gather and apply data in teams. We provide research, planning, and measurement services to individual companies as well as incubators, co-working communities, social innovation labs, fellowship networks, and collaboratives working across regions or sectors. We also deliver workshops and trainings to help people learn how to use data in teams. Our workshop participants gain the skills and confidence needed to adopt data-driven decision making in team-led environments.



We help teams collect and analyze data that measure shifts and trends in human behavior and systems. 

Product: Audience & Identity Quiz

The Audience & Identity Quiz is an analytics product that measures personal identity in relation to real world experiences to test strategic messaging and framing choices and identify new market opportunities.

Partner: Lakehead University

Thicket Labs partners with Lakehead University in Thunder Bay in Canada to provide opportunities for motivated graduate students to take on computational research challenges.


We help teams build and test strategies together to strengthen shared planning and decision making outcomes. 

Case Study: University of Toronto

Thicket designed a collaborative leaning dashboard for the BRIDGES Collaborative at the University of Toronto to share learnings across 35 publicly-funded healthcare programs. 

Report: Sourcewater

Thicket worked with MIT-incubated startup Sourcewater to show how its business model uses market mechanisms to spur sustainable resource use.


We help teams create shared impact and performance metrics to track their impact.  

Blog Post: Lifehack HQ

For their 2016 fellowship program, New Zealand-based public health organization Lifehack worked with Thicket to evaluate their performance and impact.

Report: Chinatown Youth Initiatives

Thicket designed a member evaluation process and digital mapping workshop for CYI members to quantify how CYI compares to other environments in their lives.


We provide training for organizations to adopt data-driven decision making across teams. 

Product: Workshops

Thicket workshops helps teams connect their goals to real world activities to create shared strategic action and evaluation plans. 

Product: TechTank

TechTank is a flexible online mentor matchmaking platform that connects tech employers to emerging talent.

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