Our technology helps teams connect, learn, and innovate.

Today, teams tasked with diagnosing and solving complex business problems reach for data. And more data is available than ever before. But data-driven decision making is as much about collaboration as it is about the data, and it's hard to align when human factors like conflicting priorities or perspectives get in the way. Traditional collaboration platforms measure productivity outputs but don't factor in social dynamics that are harder to track. 

That’s why we built our own technology platform to help people gather and share data in the natural course of collaboration. While most technology platforms use machine intelligence to replace human intelligence, Thicket uses machine intelligence to amplify human intelligence. 

Thicket provides a robust feature set to help teams connect and problem solve in large and small groups while providing ongoing feedback on performance and impact goals. Teams who use Thicket gain the insight needed to manage themselves more effectively. 

The world of data is changing fast.

  • The world's data doubles every two years and analytics are constantly evolving.
  • 86% of organizations say they don't know how to analyze the data they have collected.
  • 37% of the average work day is devoted to collaborative tasks that are hard to automate.

We help teams innovate at pace.

  • Build the talent and capabilities to fully leverage your data.
  • Learn from your data using advanced analysis and modeling.
  • Save time and money by sharing complex decision making.